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2009-05-30 01:06 pm

fic commentary

My plan was, when I eventually got round to it, to start using this account for being even more disproportionately Serious Business about Frivolous Shit than I am on lj, i.e. writing more formal, academic-y essays about fandom and modern media landscapes et cetera et cetera.

I am not sure fuck only knows how many words of self-indulgent analysis of the convoluted, overinvested, I-am-not-a-natural-writer-I-write-like-a-fucking-literature-student, thought processes behind over ten thousand words of character study disguised as porn (or porn disguised as character study, you pick) is really getting this off on the right foot.

But it was too long for lj.

Somebody really needs to save me from myself some time soon.

The fic is explicit, fandom Ace Attorney, pairing Klavier/Daryan, and sans commentary can be found here. Fic plus commentary in bold is under the cut.

The Drowners, + commentary )