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The professy will help!

Will write essays for food. And sometimes fic.

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Clare/ja_baby_ja on livejournal. Still deciding what to do with this account.

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80s trash, academia, academic evangelism, ace attorney, ambiguously gay rockstars, america's next top model, androgyny, balsamic vinegar, being a massive nerd, beyond good and evil, bill bailey, biting, blackberries, blake, bram stoker's dracula, chalet school, cherry blossom, chronicles of amber, coleridge, comic rhyming, console gaming, convergence culture, corporate landscaping, crisis core, crossdressing, dancing, dara o'briain, death note, deathclocks, drag performance, eddie izzard, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, fanthropology, feminism, femslash, fictional bandom, final fantasy, fire emblem, first-person shooters, fizzy strawberry things, fractal geometry, frightening even myself, futurama, goldeneye, gothic literature, harry potter, high camp, internal rhymes, j. g. ballard, killer7, kirby, klavier gavin, klavier/daryan, kyo kara maoh, legend of zelda, literary theory, liverpool fc, long hair, marlowe, maths, media theory, melusine, meta, miles edgeworth, morbo, musicals, my sister's ds, needs moar lesbians, nintendo, not modernism, not realism, old english, ouran, outdoor quietness, overanalysing things, pedro almodovar, people falling over, phoenix/edgeworth, queer cinema, queer theory, queerness, researching, revenge tragedies, rhythm action games, rocky horror, romantic friendships, romanticism, rosencrantz and guildenstern, rpgs, sf, shadowman, shakespeare, singing, sitting on dreamwidth accounts, slash, snooker, speaking languages badly, spoonerisms, sprung tetrameter, sunburnt skin smell, sunshine, sweat, swift, synthesisers, tall people, telling stories through sex, temeraire, the big lebowski, the eurovision song contest, the hypnotoad, the it crowd, the princess bride, the usual suspects, trashy films, tv talent shows, twewy, untrendy indie music, urban decay, vampires vampires vampires, velvet goldmine, withnail and i, xanatos gambits, zoolander
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